New Cold Chain Solutions Meet Regulatory, Shipper Requirements

“Upholding cold-chain integrity and regulatory compliance standards are morphing into major issues, experts say, with the explosion of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, new global and regional manufacturing mandates, and supply chains extending worldwide. These are among the primary drivers affecting the development of specialized shipping boxes and containers used for transporting these drugs to market.”

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The Basics – Types of Heat

All matter has a temperature associated with it. The way heat energy is absorbed, stored and released can have a profound affect on matter and can change its state of being. This is called phase change. Phases of matter or a substance are typically described as solid, liquid, gas and plasma. It is therefore important to recognize and understand the “types” of heat and their behaviors.

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Industry Stimuli Article Proposes Expanding USP Definition of Controlled Room Temperature

A stimuli article authored by Desmond Hunt, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Liaison at USP, and several members of the pharmaceutical industry has been initiated with the objective to solicit public comment and stimulate discussion regarding a potential revision—as yet unproposed in PF—of USP’s definition for Controlled Room Temperature. The proposal advances the view to expand the current definition of Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) from +20°C to +25°C to +2°C to +30°C. Continue reading