Sonoco ThermoSafe Introduces New 30 Liter Size to Certis Ready-Engineered Solutions

Sonoco ThermoSafe’s line of Certis ready-engineered solutions are used world-wide to ensure our customers’ temperature sensitive products maintain efficacy throughout the supply chain. Based on market demand for larger payloads, we leveraged the component commonality of the modular Certis platform to create a 30 liter, 2 day, refrigerated solution. Continue reading

Media Partners Offer a First Look at Cold Chain Industry Survey Results

ThermoSafe recently conducted a forward looking cold chain industry survey.   Three of our media partners published a preview of the results prior to the full release at the 2014 Cold Chain Global Forum Conference in Boston on October 2nd.

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Healthcare Packaging

Pharmaceutical Commerce

Stages of New Drug Development

Many people do not realize the amount of time and money it takes to take a commercial drug to market.  Here are some key things to remember:

  • Drug development is a very long process, the costs are extremely high, and the chance of success is very low
  • If a drug becomes commercialized, a lot is then riding on its success.
  • Our customers invest all of that time and money into getting the drug to market so cutting corners on a temperature controlled shipper can prove risky and in the end, costly.

Here is a very helpful graph from that maps out the process:

Investigational New Drug Application
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
New Drug Application
Phase IV / Postmarket surveillance
Safety dosing efficacy

Safety efficacy side effects

$15.2 million
$23.4 million
$86.5 million
21.6 months
25.7 months
30.5 months
1 to 6 years
6 to 11 years
0.6 to 2 years
11 to 14 years
Overall probability of success
Conditional probability of success
Sources: Dimasi, Hansen, and Grabowski (2003).
Notes: The line marked “Overall probability of success” is the unconditional probability of reaching a
given stage. For example, 30 percent of drugs make it to phase I testing. The line marked
“Conditional probability of success” shows the probability of advancing to the next stage of the
process conditional on reaching a given stage. For example, the probability of advancing to Phase III
testing conditional on starting Phase II testing is 48 percent.