Sonoco ThermoSafe Joins the Reusable Packaging Association

RPA Sonoco ThermoSafe is excited to announce our membership to the Reusable Packaging Association.  As the global leader in temperature assurance packaging, including our reusable bulk insulated containers, we are very much looking forward to sharing with RPA member companies and the end-user community how reusable insulated containers can preserve the quality of temperature sensitive products in a sustainable manner.  We believe our reusable bulk insulated containers provide a unique value to the most complex supply chain challenges in storing and transporting temperature sensitive food, dry ice, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable items.  By joining RPA, we look forward to assisting end-users with their temperature assurance applications and identifying new revenue streams and cost saving opportunities by using reusable insulated containers.

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Biobased phase change material and expanded polystyrene

Expanded polystyrene, commonly used in coffee cups, coolers and packaging, will dissolve if it comes in contact with most vegetable oils, including biobased phase change material. The phenomenon is proving effective as a “green” solution to reducing EPS waste. But it demonstrates that care must be taken in both the containment and shipment of organic phase change material.

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