Shipping 800,000 Years of History…


Shot by Megan Geuss

Shipping temperature sensitive items has always proven to be a tough thing to perfect.  There are so many variables: ambient temperature, shipping lanes, travel conditions, delays, and much more.  Now, imagine having to ship samples of ice cores drilled from the South Pole that can date back 800,000 years.  Those are the kinds of challenges faced by the scientists at the USGS National Ice Core Lab in Antarctica.

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ThermoSafe Awarded “Most Innovative New Cold Chain Technology” at CCGF 2016

Most Innovative New Cold Chain Technology of the Year

As the largest and most recognized annual industry event, the IQPC Cold Chain Global Forum looks to honor and celebrate innovative thought leading professionals and organization’s that have exceeded industry standards.  The Most Innovative New Cold Chain Technology of the Year award is a software, solution or platform that is breaking new ground in the temperature-controlled arena; offering new levels of supply chain visibility, improved product quality and compliance, and/or reduced costs and temperature excursions.

1st Place
Certis Platform of Universal Parcel Shippers

1st Place





Our Certis Platform of universal shippers are ideal for one-way shipments of temperature-sensitive products and utilizes the same universal pack-out configuration regardless of season for refrigerated, CRT and frozen solutions forboth 72 hour and 120 hour durations.  They’ve been designed to offer operational efficiency and ease of personnel training using ZERO Bench-Time® technology and same pack-out configuration across durations. These shippers optimize inventory and provide lowest total cost of ownership utilizing only 3 types of bricks and 8 shippers to create 24 shipping solutions across temperature ranges and duration.

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Runner Up
LD7 Quarter PMC Pallet Shipper

Sonoco ThermosafeLD7-Refrigerated



The LD7 Quarter PMC passive pallet shipper delivers improved performance, driven by innovative new technology, and offers design simplicity. Patented unique “L” shaped insulation panels eliminate corner leaks and drastically reduce edge leaks through interlocking design.  In addition, the patented ConvecTECH™ dispersion panels promote natural convection and enable simple pack-out procedures.  These innovative new technologies have improved the thermal performance capabilities of a passive pallet shipper while drastically simplifying the pack-out procedures.  Furthermore, the LD7 Quarter PMC passive pallet shipper optimized the footprint within a wide-body aircraft further reducing costs.

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