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Sonoco ThermoSafe Videos!

How Can I Simplify the Shipping Process for Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceuticals and Biologics?

A new approach to one-way universal shipping has made it far more convenient to send temperature-sensitive healthcare packages.  Key changes in package design allow you to forget the pains of bench-time (or sweat time).  What’s more, SKU management is simplified with four payload sizes to choose from where each size makes use of the same components and the same pack out is used for both 3-day and 5-day shipments.

Watch this video to see how a few innovative changes in package design can radically improve your temperature-sensitive packaging operations.

Product Launch Sneak Preview – Certis® Platform

The Certis Platform of shippers are designed to offer operational efficiency and ease of personnel training using ZERO Bench-Time® technology and same pack-out configuration across durations.  These shippers optimize inventory and provide lowest total cost of ownership utilizing only 3 types of bricks and 8 shippers to create 24 shipping solutions across temperature ranges and duration.

2 Durations: 3-DAY | 5-DAY
3 Temperatures: 2-8°C | 15-25°C | <-20°C
4 Payloads: 6L | 14L | 26L | 56L