Defining: ISCgold® and ISCsilver® Ambient Temperature Profiles

ISC Ambient Temperature Profiles

ThermoSafe understands the importance of shipping temperature-sensitive products with confidence.   Reliable packaging systems that effectively control the temperature of products during transport and distribution are vital to maintaining the integrity of those products. The ability to accurately predict and adapt to temperature fluctuations encountered during shipping has a direct impact on the quality of the temperature assurance packaging solution.

The selection of an ambient temperature profile is a critical starting point.   Currently, there are no industry standards for the development of ambient temperature profiles. The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) has published several profiles over the years (5B, 7D, 7E). However, these profiles are only representative of specific distribution practices, modes, and lanes, and are not generally accepted among global regulatory authorities. Choosing the right ambient profile requires detailed knowledge and a thorough understanding of the distribution environment through which the package must travel.

ISC Labs® has over 22 years of experience working with and developing the toughest ambient profiles within the industry.

The challenges associated with developing ambient profiles and the limitations of industry standards can result in shipping solutions that claim to universally maintain a particular temperature, but may actually result in excursions and lost product. To address these challenges, and to provide temperature-sensitive products with the ultimate protection, ThermoSafe Brands has developed two Ambient Temperature Profiles that are suited for nearly all applications:

ISCgold IconISCgold

The ISCgold Ambient Temperature Profile is designed for international and US domestic transport and is among the most rigorous ambient profiles in the industry. It encompasses standard profiles, such as ISTA 7D and ISTA 7E, as well as over 90% of other profiles that have been published by suppliers and manufacturers over the past decade.

ISCsilver IconISCsilver

The ISCsilver Ambient Temperature Profile was developed to represent less extreme climates, or express air transit, where packages are generally not as susceptible to extreme temperatures. This profile is comparable to existing ambient profiles, such as the ISTA 7E and other profiles published by suppliers.

The diagrams below compare the 72 hour, ISCgold and ISCsilver Ambient Temperature Profiles with ISTA 7D and 7E ambient profiles

ISC Ambient Profiles

Click here to view our whitepaper which details our methodology for developing ISC ambient profiles

Will ISC profiles work for me?

ISC Labs® will evaluate lane data or captured datalogger temperature information against ISCgold and ISCsilver using a proprietary tool that combines the use of thermal modeling, Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT), arithmetic average, and heat under the curve. This tool determines whether one of these profiles will meet the product’s specific requirements or whether its ambient profile has more or less rigorous requirements.


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