Designing 2-8°C Shippers for International Shipments from US to Latin America

This is a case study that was presented at the 2012 IQPC  Cold Chain Global Forum in Chicago.  It highlights the designs that Sonoco ThermoSafe used to solve Abbott’s shipping inefficiencies to the Latin American region.

What Abbott Requested:

  • 2–8 °C for 96 Hours
  • Shipping system should maintain 2–8 °C with any of our cold chain products
  • Shipping system should maintain 2–8 °C if refrigerated anytime before 96 Hours
  • Shipping system configurations (Chicago-LA Summer, Chicago-LA Winter)
  • Shipping system sizes (Parcel, Half-Pallet, Pallet)

What Abbott provided:

  • Lowest thermal mass product
  • Ambient temperature profiles (Chicago-LA Summer, Chicago-LA Winter)

The solution that ThermoSafe came up with can be found within the case study here.

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