Sonoco ThermoSafe Introduces New 30 Liter Size to Certis Ready-Engineered Solutions

Sonoco ThermoSafe’s line of Certis ready-engineered solutions are used world-wide to ensure our customers’ temperature sensitive products maintain efficacy throughout the supply chain. Based on market demand for larger payloads, we leveraged the component commonality of the modular Certis platform to create a 30 liter, 2 day, refrigerated solution.The new Certis 30 liter (part number CRUS2LP or C30R2) features a highly efficient payload volume to shipper ratio, which translates to reduced total cost of ownership. To achieve this, the new shipper utilizes six-sided PureTemp® advanced PCM to minimize refrigerant weight and to provide robust performance when exposed to a wide range of ambient conditions.

By using water-based refrigerants and advanced PCM in the CRUS2LP, the solution is lighter and uses fewer components than a completely water-based solution. PureTemp® in the CRUS2LP protects the product load from freezing during winter seasons. This is due to the PCM phasing at 4°C, while releasing its thermal energy. The addition of the 4°C PCM also buffers the product from the frozen bricks, eliminating cold shock of the product. If the same performance criterion (payload size, 2-8°C, duration, ambient profile) was needed in a completely water-based solution, the system would require an increased mass of water-based refrigerant to ensure the product does not dip below 2°C in the winter seasons. The more refrigerant the bigger, heavier, and more complex a solution becomes. The use of PureTemp® greatly reduces the number of components and weight, as compared to a purely water-based solution, and ensures the product stays above 2°C in the winter months as well as eliminating cold shock.

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