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Sonoco ThermoSafe Launches EOS™ Line of Curbside Recyclable Temperature Controlled Parcel Shippers

Sonoco ThermoSafe announced the launch of its new EOS™ line of fully curbside recyclable temperature controlled packaging in the U.S.  

EOS was created to give concerned life science and perishable clients a truly curbside recyclable system from a trusted provider.  Several competing insulated packaging products claim curbside recyclability but use inner pellets, panels and liner coatings that can’t be separated or sorted and become unrecyclable as-is at Municipal Recycling Facilities (MRFs).  As the third largest recycler in the U.S., Sonoco has deep expertise in both recycling technology and regulatory requirements.  Prior to launching EOS, Sonoco ThermoSafe conducted substantial internal and 3rd party university testing on its components affirming EOS’ curbside recyclability as is.

EOS is also a promising vision of the circular economy inside Sonoco.  EOS is made using 100% post-industrial, pre-consumer paper fiber, a feedstock that some of Sonoco’s consumer paper products naturally create.  As the EOS line grows and the logistics of supply align between ThermoSafe’s client locations and the consumer paper production locations, the prospect of a circular flow of scrap materials used inside the company without waste can become reality.

“It takes a company as uniquely experienced in paper manufacturing, thermal insulation and recycling management as Sonoco to create a product like EOS™,” said Ron Haub, Segment Director for Sonoco ThermoSafe. “When global life science and food/perishables companies see Sonoco’s name on a curbside recyclability claim, they know it can be trusted.”   The EOS line is available in several sizes will initially be available only in the U.S.  Visit www.thermosafe.com/EOS to learn more.

Sonoco ThermoSafe Creating Industrywide PharmaPortal™ Platform Using IBM Blockchain Technology To Help Deliver Improved Transparency and Traceability Across the Temperature Controlled Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Sonoco ThermoSafe is building PharmaPortal™ a vendor-neutral blockchain platform for use by pharmaceutical manufacturers and carriers. Built on IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply, PharmaPortal intends to address the industry’s needs to trace assets across many different supply chain participants, record a single version of the truth on all events generated on a package’s journey, integrate this data with that of other businesses across an industry-scale network, and provide access controls to help ensure each data owner maintains control over who can access it on the network.

The openly governed blockchain network built on open source technology will initially focus on end-to-end traceability of temperature-controlled drugs, such as vaccines, and providing an audit trail of environmental condition monitoring to help protect the efficacy of these lifesaving, life-extending, and life-enhancing medicines. To help drive its development, Sonoco will invite industry leaders to collaborate on the initiative to optimize the safety and efficiency of global temperature controlled pharmaceutical distribution.

“Only through the collaborative efforts of all members of the temperature controlled pharmaceutical distribution process can we achieve the safety and efficiency that the world needs from us in this critical time,” said Howard Coker, President and CEO of Sonoco. “An effort of this magnitude requires a high level of industry engagement to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people around the world. IBM has had success working across a number of sectors where implementing blockchain networks transformed the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain, and we see the same opportunities in the pharmaceutical space.”­­­

Despite improvements, the $230B cold chain pharmaceutical distribution market still suffers from inefficiencies which cause value losses estimated at nearly $35B. These encompass lost product inventory, root cause investigation costs, clinical trial opportunity losses, product replacement costs and redundant logistics.  Multiple handoffs across contracted and sub-contracted handling agents across continents create a crucial need for trusted, end-to-end visibility of pharmaceutical shipments, conditions, and documents. 

“IBM offers deep expertise in blockchain to the pharmaceutical industry to help establish this transformational network led by Sonoco ThermoSafe,” said Raj Rao, General Manager, Blockchain Platforms. “With blockchain’s inherent ability to track drug provenance and create an immutable record of the lifecycle of a drug and how it was handled, this open industry initiative addresses the challenges the pharmaceutical industry faces, both in sourcing and distributing drugs.” This neutral ecosystem will be especially helpful in fostering trust in the pharmaceutical air cargo market by enabling all parties in the supply chain to give and get relevant data in a highly secured, permissioned way.

As the convener of the network, Sonoco ThermoSafe intends to create a permissioned platform for the industry that will ultimately create more visibility and transparency across the pharmaceutical supply chain. With network growth in the coming months, a PharmaPortal Advisory Council will be appointed comprised of a range of pharmaceutical industry representatives willing to participate in its development and adoption and help openly govern the network so that the solution benefits all.

Sonoco ThermoSafe Introduces the Orion r® High Performance Temperature Controlled Box Rental Service

Sonoco ThermoSafe has announced the creation of the Orion r® high performance temperature controlled box rental service. This service will feature the new Orion r® line of temperature controlled packaging, featuring high performance vacuum panel insulation encased in a lightweight, rugged EPP shell for maximum durability and thermal duration. The Orion r® line will also offer optional on board telemetry, allowing biopharmaceutical clients access to cloud-based temperature and geolocation data for maximum shipment visibility and quality assurance. 

Orion’s innovative long-duration design, featuring rugged, lightweight Sonoco-molded automotive EPP, is substantially more reusable than existing rental parcels and enables the pharmaceutical supply chain to cost-effectively and sustainably ship small parcels globally.

“With the introduction of the Orion r® high performance temperature controlled parcel rental service, Sonoco ThermoSafe now offers the only one-stop rental service for every temperature controlled container mode and size,” said Christopher Day, Director of Marketing & Innovation for Sonoco ThermoSafe. “We can customize our supply chain to rent high performance temperature controlled packaging as small as a five liter Orion r® passive unit, to the first passive pallet unit load device, the Pegasus ULD® – all in the same locations. Sonoco’s rapid pre-conditioning deployment model and 300+ company-owned locations enable the ThermoSafe division to quickly and efficiently expand the depot network for leasing Orion r® units across the globe.”

Additional announcements about the Sonoco ThermoSafe rental platform, the Orion r® and Pegasus ULD®, including updates to the global service network, will be forthcoming. Please contact your Sonoco ThermoSafe representative or visit www.thermosafe.com/contact for more information.