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Designed with a material neutral approach to optimize total cost, Certis offers a wide-range of robust solutions for various temperature ranges, durations, and payload sizes

  • 2-8°C | 15-25°C | <-20°C
  • 3-Day to 5-Day
  • 3.2L - 30L Payloads

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Certis Platform

Leveraging the design principles of Certis we've optimized a platform of solutions sharing the same SKU's across payload sizes, durations, and temperature ranges

  • 2-8°C | 15-25°C | <-20°C
  • 3-Day & 5-Day
  • 6L, 14L, 26L, 56L Payloads

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Pre-Qualified Shippers standardized for 48 hour shipments; the industry's first pre-qualified shipper, still trusted today

  • 2-8°C | <-20°C
  • 2-Day & 3-Day
  • 2.3L & 10.5L Payloads

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