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Sonoco ThermoSafe® Certis Qualified Shippers deliver ultimate protection for your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and biological specimens, meeting the toughest ambient profiles of any premium shipper in the industry. Certis off-the-shelf packaging solutions offer temperature protection from 2° to 8°C (36° to 46°F) and ensure that your valuable products will ship safely anywhere in the world.

Certis® Silver

Designed to meet the ISCsilver™ Ambient Temperature Profile, Certis Silver offers stringent temperature assurance for shorter, more moderate distribution environments.

  • 1-4 day durations
  • Seasonal and universal packout
  • ISCsilver Ambient Temperature Profile

About ISCsilver

The ISCsilver Ambient Temperature Profile was developed to represent less extreme climates, or express air transit, where packages are generally not as susceptible to extreme temperatures. This profile is comparable to existing ambient profiles, such as the ISTA 7E and other profiles published by suppliers.

Certis® Gold

Certis exploded packout

Based on the rigorous ISCgold™ Ambient Temperature Profile, Certis Gold was developed to maintain strict temperature control under under longer, more extreme shipping and storing conditions.

  • 3-5 day durations
  • Universal packout
  • ISCgold Ambient Temperature Profile

About ISCgold

The ISCgold Ambient Temperature Profile is designed for international and US domestic transport and is among the most rigorous ambient profiles in the industry. It encompasses standard profiles, such as ISTA 7D and ISTA 7E, as well as over 90% of other profiles that have been published by suppliers and manufacturers over the past decade.


All standard Certis Shippers incorporate this remarkable formulation of natural vegetable-based phase change materials, resulting in strict temperature control, easy packouts, greater efficiency and packages that are smaller and lighter.  PureTemp® materials are non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and available to meet a wide range of temperature requirements.

Flexible Design

The patent-pending modular design of Certis Shippers provides plenty of flexibility for adjusting to specific needs. Standard Certis Shippers can be modified to meet customer requirements for temperature control, shipping durations and payload sizes.

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Food & Industrial Applications

Ideal for the safe storage and transport of all types of refrigerated or frozen foods; economical, lightweight, reusable and recyclable

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Healthcare Applications

Our extensive line of shippers and containers offer the ideal solution for the safe storage and delivery of most refrigerated or frozen pharmaceuticals, laboratory specimens, serums and vaccines, human organs, culture packs, and nuclear and isotope materials

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Reusable, simple packing configurations feature Zero Bench-Time® tech which reduces operational complexity and total cost

  • 2-8°C | 15-25°C
  • 2-Day to 4-Day
  • 3.2L - 11.5L Payloads

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