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Transforming Life Sciences Supply Chain

Blockchain technology is transforming every industry and government in the world, supporting timely access to goods and information–more important than ever in the context of a pandemic. Right now, temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals and biologicals are arguably the world’s most valuable and complex supply chain, making it an ideal application for blockchain technology.  Yet who has the time, resources and expertise to build and promote a global blockchain platform?

Our solution

PharmaPortal from Sonoco ThermoSafe and IBM. Built on IBM’s leading Blockchain Transparent Supply platform, PharmaPortal is a neutral, openly governed blockchain network for the biopharmaceutical supply chain.

PharmaPortal makes it easy to access blockchain benefits. We provide the technology and the functionality for specific biopharma use cases. PharmaPortal members can trace assets across many supply chain participants, record a single version of the truth on all events generated throughout a package’s journey, integrate this data with that of other businesses across an industry-scale network, and help ensure each data owner maintains control over who can access that data.

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