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Product Highlights

  • Temperature Range: 15-25°C
  • Duration(s): 3-Day & 5-Day
  • Payload Size(s): 4L up to 71L Payloads
  • Fully qualified range of 15-25°C systems, tested to ISTA 7D & 7E temperature profiles
  • Systems use AmbiSorb, our custom inorganic salt PCM which is both economic and non-hazardous
  • All year packing configuration simplified pack out

Support Files

Part Number Payload Capacity [Liter]Temperature RangeDurationDimensional Weight [kg]MaterialPayload ID [mm]Outer Dim. [mm]
ATG17 17.315°C to 25°C5-Day19.6EPS240240300470470532
ATG20 20.815°C to 25°C5-Day21.3EPS355280210569513437
ATG22 22.315°C to 25°C5-Day24EPS375283210681501422
ATG4 4.415°C to 25°C5-Day10.1EPS240185100454404330
ATG43 43.215°C to 25°C5-Day34.8EPS355280435569513715
ATG65 64.915°C to 25°C5-Day41.9EPS445283515681501737
ATG9 9.615°C to 25°C5-Day15EPS245245160470470407
ATR18 17.815°C to 25°C3-Day15EPS290290211470470407
ATR28 28.315°C to 25°C3-Day19.6EPS290290336470470532
ATR34 34.415°C to 25°C3-Day21.3EPS400336256569513437
ATR71 70.715°C to 25°C3-Day34.8EPS400336526569513715
ATR9 915°C to 25°C3-Day10.1EPS283228139454404330
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