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Product Highlights

  • Temperature Range: 2-8°C | 15-25°C | <-20°C
  • Duration(s): 2-Day to 5-Day
  • Payload Size(s): 3L - 56L Payloads
  • Platform: same packout configurations across 48hr, 72hr, and 120hr durations
  • Platform: simply change the outer shipper to switch between 2-Day, 3-Day, and 5-Day
  • Platform: simply switch the amber & yellow PCM bricks to move from refrigerated to CRT

Product Videos

Certis Platform Video

Support Files

Download 2-Day Brochure
Part Number Product Sub-CategoryPayload Capacity [Liter]Temperature RangeDurationDimensional Weight [lb]MaterialPayload ID [in]Outer Dim. [in]
C14C3 Platform1415°C to 25°C3-Day40.3PUR9910.5191918.63
C14F3 Platform14<-20°C3-Day40.3PUR9910.5191918.63
C14R3 Platform142°C to 8°C3-Day40.3PUR9910.5191918.63
C26C3 Platform2615°C to 25°C3-Day69PUR1510.759.7523.8822.6321.18
C26F3 Platform26<-20°C3-Day69PUR1510.759.7523.8822.6321.18
C26R3 Platform262°C to 8°C3-Day69PUR1510.759.7523.8822.6321.18
C30R2 Certis302°C to 8°C2-Day78.6PUR16.6311.759.524.1322.520.13
C56C3 Platform5615°C to 25°C3-Day118.9PUR23.7515.59.2532.6327.522
C56F3 Platform56<-20°C3-Day118.9PUR23.7515.59.2532.6327.522
C56R3 Platform562°C to 8°C3-Day118.9PUR23.7515.59.2532.6327.522
C6C3 Platform615°C to 25°C3-Day29.7PUR10.759.253.518.1316.7516.38
C6F3 Platform6<-20°C3-Day29.7PUR10.759.253.518.1316.7516.38
C6R3 Platform62°C to 8°C3-Day29.7PUR10.759.253.518.1316.7516.38
CCUS3LP Certis3515°C to 25°C3-Day100.2PUR20.2511.259.38332421
CRUG3MP Certis12.42°C to 8°C3-Day60PUR10.59827.752321.25
CRUG3SP Certis7.72°C to 8°C3-Day48PUR10.59523.7523.7519.5
CRUG3XP Certis4.82°C to 8°C3-Day37PUR8.56.255.521.2521.2518
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