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EPS Foam Only

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  • Standard 1-1/2 inch wall shippers are ideal for shipments of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Thin wall shippers have 3/4 to 1-1/8 inches of EPS foam insulation. Ideal for shipments of 24 hours or less
  • Thick wall shippers have 1-3/4 to 2-1/4 inches of EPS insulation specifically designed for shipments of 48 hours or more
Part Number Case PackInner Dim. [in]Outer Dim. [in]Wall ThicknessPriceAdd to
1117-13N 211171314.520.516.51.75"Call or Email
1712-8N 21711.75818.6313.389.630.75"Login
1714-12N 216.7513.7512.6319.516.515.131.5"Login
175N 219.3812.3812.2522.3815.3815.381.5"Login
20N 216.7516.7512.63212116.752"Call or Email
2113-10N 221.5613.4410.632415.8812.381.13"Login
2215-16N 22115.1315.25241817.881"Login
2414-12N 22413.8812.528.2517.2515.631.13"Call or Email
397 219.3812.3812.2522.3815.3815.381.5"Login
498 22115.1315.25241817.131.13"Login
637 22413.8812.528.2517.2515.631.5"Login
655 216.7513.7512.6319.516.515.131.5"Login
668 221.5613.4410.632415.8812.381.13"Login
673 21711.75818.6313.389.630.75"Login
801 217.251012.7521.6914.4416.752"Login
803 219.2512.3812.2523.6316.7516.252"Login
809 216.7516.7512.63212116.752"Login
STK101N 217.251012.7521.6914.4416.752"Call or Email
STK102N 219.2512.3812.2523.6316.7516.252"Call or Email
STK108N 2171712212116.632"Login
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