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EPS Foam Only

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  • Standard 1-1/2 inch wall shippers are ideal for shipments of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Thin wall shippers have 3/4 to 1-1/8 inches of EPS foam insulation. Ideal for shipments of 24 hours or less
  • Thick wall shippers have 1-3/4 to 2-1/4 inches of EPS insulation specifically designed for shipments of 48 hours or more
Part Number Case PackInner Dim. [in]Outer Dim. [in]Wall ThicknessPriceAdd to
1010-7NUPS 6101071414101.75"Login
108-8N 1210.588.51411.5121.75"Login
110N 3121211.5161615.52"Login
1117-13N 211171314.520.516.51.75"Call or Email
1313-10N 413.51310.517.516.513.51.75"Login
20N 216.7516.7512.63212116.752"Call or Email
25N 116.7513.7515.75212119.752"Call or Email
438 86.55.757.7511.2510.512.632.25"Login
446UPS 6101071414101.75"Login
452 3121211.5161615.52"Login
50N 123.1314.132327.8819282.25"Call or Email
56-8N 86.55.757.7511.2510.512.632.25"Login
680 677.257.511.7511.7511.252"Login
682 413.51310.517.516.513.51.75"Login
684 1210.588.51411.5121.75"Login
77-7N 677.257.511.7511.7511.252"Login
801 217.251012.7521.6914.4416.752"Login
803 219.2512.3812.2523.6316.7516.252"Login
809 216.7516.7512.63212116.752"Login
831 123.1314.132327.8819282.25"Login
STK101N 217.251012.7521.6914.4416.752"Call or Email
STK102N 219.2512.3812.2523.6316.7516.252"Call or Email
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