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EPS Foam Only

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  • Standard 1-1/2 inch wall shippers are ideal for shipments of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Thin wall shippers have 3/4 to 1-1/8 inches of EPS foam insulation. Ideal for shipments of 24 hours or less
  • Thick wall shippers have 1-3/4 to 2-1/4 inches of EPS insulation specifically designed for shipments of 48 hours or more
Part Number Case PackWall ThicknessPriceAdd to
1010-7NUPS 61.75"Login
1012-5NUPS 61.5"Login
1012-7N 81.5"Login
1012-9NUPS 41.5"Login
1017-11N 41.5"Login
1017-13N 31.5"Login
1017-17N 31.5"Call or Email
1017-8NUPS 41.5"Login
107N 41.5"Login
108-8N 121.75"Login
110N 32"Login
1117-13N 21.75"Call or Email
1212-10N 41.13"Login
1212-12N 31.5"Login
1212-7N 51.5"Login
1212-9N 41.5"Login
1313-10N 41.75"Login
1411-7N 61.13"Login
1510-6N 61.5"Login
1510-8N 70.75"Login
1611-6N 61.5"Login
1613-8N 41"Login
17-1N 31.5"Login
1712-8N 20.75"Login
1714-12N 21.5"Login
175N 21.5"Login
20N 22"Call or Email
2113-10N 21.13"Login
2215-16N 21"Login
2414-12N 21.13"Call or Email
2418-21N 11"Call or Email
25N 12"Call or Email
315UPS 61.5"Login
316 121.5"Login
319 121.5"Login
322UPS 81.5"Login
328UPS 41"Login
333 81.5"Login
348UPS 41.5"Login
351 31.5"Login
38-1NUPS 61.5"Login
397 21.5"Login
40-1NUPS 41"Login
411 121.5"Login
425 41.5"Login
428 41.5"Login
431UPS 41.5"Login
438 82.25"Login
445 122.25"Login
446UPS 61.75"Login
452 32"Login
457 121.5"Login
46-5N 122.25"Login
477 81"Login
481 31.5"Login
489UPS 61.5"Login
493 31.5"Login
498 21.13"Login
50N 12.25"Call or Email
520N-10 101.5"Call or Email
520N-3 31.5"Call or Email
522N 41.5"Call or Email
56-8N 82.25"Login
608UPS 271.5"Login
610 51.5"Login
612 41.5"Login
614 31.5"Login
616UPS 121.5"Login
618UPS 81.5"Login
621UPS 81.5"Login
631 61.5"Login
634 61.5"Login
637 21.5"Login
64-2N 361"Login
646 361"Login
648 120.75"Login
651 120.75"Login
653 120.75"Login
655 21.5"Login
657 41"Login
661 41.13"Login
663 61.13"Login
665 70.75"Login
668 21.13"Login
673 20.75"Login
675 11"Login
68-12NUPS 81.5"Login
68-4N 121.5"Login
68-7N 121.5"Login
68-9N 121.5"Call or Email
680 62"Login
682 41.75"Login
684 121.75"Login
77-7N 62"Login
79-10N 120.75"Login
79-5N 120.75"Login
79-8N 120.75"Login
801 22"Login
803 22"Login
806 61.5"Login
809 22"Login
831 12.25"Login
913-6N 81"Call or Email
98-4NUPS 121.5"Login
98-6NUPS 81.5"Login
98-8NUPS 81.5"Login
STK101N 22"Call or Email
STK102N 22"Call or Email
STK104 61.5"Call or Email
STK108N 22"Login
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