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EPS Foam w/Corrugate

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  • EPS foam containers in 200 lb. test corrugated carton
  • Large selection of cost-effective, reusable EPS foam in corrugate stock containers available
  • Excellent dry ice sublimation… average dry ice usage in 1-1/2 inch thick wall units is 5 pounds over 24 hours and 3-4 pounds therafter
  • Standard 1-1/2 inch wall shippers are ideal for shipments of 24 to 48 hours
Part Number Case PackWall ThicknessPriceAdd to
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1010-7LUPS 41.75"Login
1012-5LUPS 61.5"Login
1012-7LUPS 61.5"Login
1012-9L 61.5"Login
1017-11L 41.5"Login
1017-13L 31.5"Login
1017-17L 31.5"Call or Email
1017-8L 41.5"Login
107L 41.5"Login
108-8L 121.75"Login
110L 32"Call or Email
1117-13L 21.75"Call or Email
1212-10L 41.13"Login
1212-12L 31.5"Login
1212-7L 41.5"Login
1212-9L 41.5"Login
1313-10L 41.75"Login
1411-7L 61.13"Login
1510-8L 70.75"Login
1611-6LUPS 51.5"Login
1613-8L 41"Login
17-1L 31.5"Login
1712-8L 20.75"Login
1714-12L 21.5"Login
175L 21.5"Login
20L 22"Login
2113-10L 21.13"Login
2215-16L 21.13"Login
2414-12L 21.13"Call or Email
2418-21L 11"Call or Email
313 121.5"Call or Email
317UPS 61.5"Login
318 121.5"Login
321UPS 81.5"Login
324UPS 81.5"Login
325UPS 61.5"Login
326 61.5"Login
346UPS 61"Login
352 31.5"Login
355 41.5"Login
38-1LUPS 61.5"Login
398 21.5"Login
40-1LUPS 61"Login
413 121.5"Login
430 41.5"Login
433 41.5"Login
439 82.25"Login
447UPS 102.25"Login
448UPS 41.75"Login
453 32"Login
46-5LUPS 102.25"Login
479 81"Login
482 31.5"Login
490UPS 61.5"Login
494 31.5"Login
499 21"Login
50L 12.25"Login
520L-8 81.5"Call or Email
522L 41.5"Call or Email
56-8L 82.25"Login
609UPS 241.5"Login
611 41.5"Login
613 41.5"Login
615 31.5"Login
617UPS 121.5"Login
619UPS 81.5"Login
622UPS 81.5"Login
635UPS 51.5"Login
638 21.125"Login
64-2L 361"Login
647 361"Login
649 120.75"Login
652 120.75"Login
654 100.75"Login
656 21.5"Login
658 41"Login
662 41.13"Login
664 61.13"Login
666 70.75"Login
669 21.13"Login
674 20.75"Login
676 11"Login
68-12LUPS 81.5"Login
68-4L 121.5"Login
68-7L 121.5"Login
68-9LUPS 81.5"Login
681 62"Login
683 41.75"Login
685 121.75"Login
77-7L 62"Login
79-10L 100.75"Login
79-5L 120.75"Login
79-8L 120.75"Login
802 22"Login
804 22"Login
812 22"Login
832 12.25"Login
876 21.75"Login
913-6L 81"Login
98-4LUPS 121.5"Login
98-6LUPS 81.5"Login
98-8LUPS 81.5"Login
STK101L 22"Call or Email
STK102L 22"Call or Email
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