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Product Highlights

  • Temperature Range: 2-8°C | 15-25°C | <-20°C
  • Duration(s): 2-Day to 7-Day
  • Payload Size(s): 2.5L - 39.6L Payloads
  • ZERO Bench-Time® technology allows for immediate packouts
  • Refrigerated & CRT Packouts come with seasonal flexibility, while frozen applications are universal
  • Frozen packouts last for a minumum of 4 days

Product Videos

Envoy® Global | Large 2-day | 2-8°C

Support Files

Part Number Payload Capacity [Liter]Temperature RangeDurationDimensional Weight [lb]MaterialPayload ID [in]Outer Dim. [in]
E12R2S 12.12°C to 8°C2-Day4.4EPS11.149.66.8920.5119.0120.75
E24R2S 24.12°C to 8°C2-Day8.9EPS19.7611.266.6129.0220.5121.26
E3R2S 2.52°C to 8°C2-Day0.9EPS9.017.992.1316.715.7516.26
E6R2S 6.42°C to 8°C2-Day2.4EPS8.867.875.6316.715.7521.26
ERSS2LE 72°C to 8°C2-Day22.9EPS10.58.754.51513.2516
ERSS2SE 42°C to 8°C2-Day20EPS10.58.752.51513.2514
ERWS2LE 72°C to 8°C2-Day22.9EPS10.58.754.51513.2516
ERWS2LE472 2.92°C to 8°C2-Day19.5EPS10.5See KitSee Kit1513.516
ERWS2LE473 0.742°C to 8°C2-Day19.5EPS5.63421513.516
ERWS2LE570 2.492°C to 8°C2-Day19.5EPS9.5441513.516
ERWS2LEIN2 1.772°C to 8°C2-Day19.5EPS446.751513.516
ERWS2SE 42°C to 8°C2-Day20EPS10.58.752.51513.2514
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