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LD7 Pallet Shippers

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Product Highlights

  • Temperature Range: 2-8°C | CRT | Frozen
  • Duration(s): 5-Day
  • Payload Size(s): 1154L - 2926L
Maximize your air freight utilization with Sonoco ThermoSafe’s LD7 Quarter PMC. The newest pallet solution to our fleet includes the groundbreaking ConvecTECH™ technology and unique “L” shaped corner panels to simplify assembly and enhance thermal performance.

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Support Files

Part Number Payload Capacity [Liter]DurationPackout TypeTemperature RangeWeight [lb]Payload ID [in]Outer Dim. [in]
ATC1313 13134-DayUniversal15°C to 25°C437.45035.3945.2861.7347.1362.68
CHC1313 13135-DayUniversal2°C to 8°C503.85035.3945.2861.7347.1362.68
CLT1313 13135-DayUniversal2°C to 25°C377.25035.3945.2861.7347.1362.68
CTC1313 13134-DaySeasonal2°C to 8°C495.65035.3945.2861.7347.1362.68
QPMC-CRT 11545-DayUniversal15°C to 25°C444503639.1361.647.162.6
QPMC-F 12435-DayUniversal< -15°C540503642.1361.647.162.6
QPMC-RU 11545-DayUniversal2°C to 8°C514503639.1361.647.162.6
HPAG-CRT 29265-DayUniversal15°C to 25°C53575.7551.254686.4561.9562.73
HPAG-R 25615-DayUniversal2°C to 8°C95575.7551.2540.2586.4561.9562.73
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