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  • Rigid, one-piece, three-layer laminate construction provides excellent temperature protection, exceptional strength and durability
  • Proprietary process laminates highly efficient insulation core to inner and outer corrugate walls
  • Flexible polyurethane foam plug seals the top, cushions and insulates contents, vents dry ice
Part Number Case PackWall ThicknessPriceAdd to
E104UPS 21.00"Login
E124UPS 21.5"Login
E126UPS 22"Login
E145UPS 22"Login
E15UPS 82"Login
E168UPS 12"Login
E174UPS 23"Login
E186UPS 12"Login
E200UPS 21.5"Login
E22UPS 43"Login
E238UPS 11.5"Login
E28UPS 81.5"Login
E327UPS 12"Login
E337UPS 13"Login
E36UPS 32"Login
E38PLATE 243"Login
E38UPS 43"Login
E46UPS 41"Login
E50UPS 23"Login
E65UPS 22"Login
E731UPS 23"Login
E89UPS 22"Login
E90UPS 23"Login
E9UPS 82"Login
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