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US Pallet Shippers

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Product Highlights

  • Temperature Range: 2-8°C | CRT | Frozen
  • Duration(s): 4-Day to 7-Day
  • Payload Size(s): 433L to 1007L
ThermoSafe’s US pallet solutions include three 48 x 40 inch pallet shippers in addition to a solution capable of loading a full 48 x 40 inch pallet as the payload. Depending on your shipping lanes we are sure to have a solution that fits your dimensional requirements.

Support Files

Part Number DurationPayload Capacity [Liter]Temperature RangeWeight [lb]Payload ID [in]Outer Dim. [in]
ATC506 4-Day506.615°C to 25°C285.535.0327.1732.4847.2439.3750.98
CHC476 5-Day475.92°C to 8°C324.135.0327.1730.5147.2439.3750.98
CLT506 5-Day506.62°C to 25°C198.935.0327.3632.4847.2439.3750.98
CTC506 4-Day506.62°C to 8°C285.535.0327.1732.4847.2439.3750.98
GPS-RFS 4-Day4412°C to 8°C423323028484050
GPS-RFW 4-Day4412°C to 8°C387323028484050
GPS-RHS 5-Day1552°C to 8°C20935309484030
GPS-RHW 5-Day1552°C to 8°C20935309484030
GPS-RP-PL 7-Day10482°C to 8°C635484036625462.1
GPS-RPS 5-Day11962°C to 8°C635484038625462.1
GPS-RPW 5-Day11962°C to 8°C532484038625462.1
SPS-CRT 3-Day48415°C to 25°C6703324.536.5484062.5
SPS-F 5-Day484< -15°C6703324.536.5484062.5
SPS-R 4-Day4842°C to 8°C6703324.536.5484062.5
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