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Solution Design & Qualification

Design Services

Industry leading thermal modeling capabilities enable rapid development of highly optimized custom solutions. Multiple design alternatives are presented to allow each customer the ability to easily analyze their options. Materials including EPS, PUR,VIP, and phase change materials are prototyped as necessary. Thermal testing is accompanied by distribution testing to prove each temperature assurance packaging solution not only maintains temperature control but also withstands the rigors of distribution.

Optimized Designs Based On:

  • Specific ambient profile
  • Corepack dimensions
  • Duration
  • Min/Max load
  • Temperature range

Advanced Thermal Simulation

  • Extremely accurate prediction of performance
  • Ensures all options are investigated
  • Saves time
  • Allows adjustments to fine tune design without time consuming chamber testing


  • Installation Qualification
    • Material characterization for all materials
  • Operational Qualification (Test Chamber Qualification)
    • Triplicate testing procedures to prove repeatability of design. Includes an in depth protocol and report.
  • Performance Qualification
    • Actual shipments to monitor internal and external air temperatures. Provides additional assurance and supporting documentation. Includes protocol and report.

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