The Cold Chain Exchange

When knowledge is shared we all grow


The Cold Chain Exchange is a collaboration space for Supply Chain, Logistics and Quality Control professionals in life sciences and healthcare. Although temperature control is often a core topic, we will explore the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, how to connect information end to end, for quicker decisions to safeguard products and patients.

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Together – let’s educate. Benchmark with peers during workshop webinars, user groups and coffee chats, TAP training, interviews with biopharma changemakers and in-person events.


Sonoco ThermoSafe and ISC Labs have been partnering with a global network of logistics partners and pharmaceutical manufacturers for 30+ years. Every day we work with customers to improve GDP quality control, create reliable processes and continue building data tools and insights into the equation.

The roads are long, the flight paths are high, let’s share ideas and get there together. Together we collaborate, educate & innovate. We invite you to join The Cold Chain Exchange. Subscribe today to receive invitations to free online events, future in-person events and new best practice reports.

Great minds think a like – or do they? Actually, we’re counting on the fact that they don’t! We believe great ideas need a multitude of perspectives and aptitudes. From there, insights are drawn, and only then can true innovation be born – together.