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Digital connections designed for real people

What do you get when you combine our smart rental packaging with cloud-based software? ThermoSafe Connect, making it easy to book, plan and organize all your rental Sonoco ThermoSafe orders.

  • All-in-one rental booking workspace
  • One ecosystem for your entire team

Our platform gives you an all-in-one self-service portal for rental management. Access ThermoSafe Connect securely to easily retrieve accurate, up-to-date rental packaging information.

And the best part? This portal is integrated with Sonoco ThermoSafe’s rental operational processes. Our network stations and customer support global teams use the portal to manage rentals, assign and move assets all over the world. It’s a powerful connection among our colleagues—and directly with you.

From renting parcel shippers to leasing bulk containers, life science and healthcare organizations partner with Sonoco ThermoSafe to safely and securely package their temperature sensitive products. We’re powered by 120+ years of experience and innovation, and we continue to be passionately geeky about technology.

If you’re ready to book a rental service with Orion or Pegasus ULD, you’re ready for ThermoSafe Connect.

‘The ThermoSafe Connect platform is very easy to learn, navigate and place orders’

Pharmaceutical company