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Insulated Shippers

With our insulated shippers, what’s chilled stays chilled, what’s frozen stays frozen

We offer an extensive range of insulated containers for the safe storage and delivery of temperature sensitive products.  See how ThermoSafe insulated shipping boxes can assure your product’s integrity and your peace of mind.

Our huge selection of shippers includes various sizes of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), Fiberboard, PUR (Polyurethane) and VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) insulated containers. They are sold without refrigerants, but if you need those too, check out our Refrigerants pages here.

  • EPS shippers in various thicknesses to suit your performance needs are available with or without outer corrugate
  • Fiberboard outer walls with EPS insulation provide an economic and lightweight option for the storage and distribution of temperature sensitive cargo
  • PUR shippers deliver greater insulating power than an equivalent-thickness EPS container. We also offer large capacity PUR Pallet shippers for larger volume loads.
  • VIP shippers provide superior protection for high value cargo during extended shipments

‘I have carried out our own internal validation tests and the results are a lot better than the existing thermal boxes we are using’

Pharmaceutical company