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We speak the language of life sciences & healthcare, food & perishables

ThermoSafe serves the world with innovative temperature-controlled packaging as well as engineering, design, and testing services. Our solutions are the choice of leaders in a wide range of industries. And we offer special expertise in the following markets.

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Life Sciences & Healthcare

Trust your fragile pharmaceuticals, volatile research materials, and sensitive specimens to ThermoSafe. We understand the challenges you face throughout the supply chain, and the urgency of meeting the highest standards.

We offer the industry’s largest selection of ready engineered solutions which are already pre-qualified, saving you the time and cost of lengthy development projects.

Our range of solutions for diagnostic and infectious shipments offer safe transportation for precious samples.

Air Freight

We know that shipping bulk quantities of temperature sensitive life science & healthcare products by air is a tough challenge. So whether you’re a pharmaceutical company, freight forwarder or airline – you can trust ThermoSafe’s bulk air freight solutions.  Tested to the toughest industry standards they ensure a smooth journey through airport operations.



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Food & Perishables

When product safety and integrity depend on maintaining required temperatures, depend on ThermoSafe. Dairy, seafood, wine, prepared foods; we have the answers you need, from cold shipping boxes to design and thermal testing. Many of the world’s best-known brands rely on our solutions for storage, transportation and distribution, from bulk loads to individual products.

‘We can’t believe how well the boxes work and have been praised by our customers for the quality of our shipping’

Animal Health company