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About Us





Germany, Austria & Switzerland

In Germany Austria and Switzerland we work hand in hand with our Logistics and Distribution Partner Pharma LogisticsPartner based in Hamburg Germany. Pharma LogisticsPartner specialize in providing logistics and service solutions worldwide for the Pharma and Biotech sector.

In Germany and neighboring countries through our partnership we are able to offer extensive logistics services solutions and benefits for existing and new customers such as:
  • Expanded regional availability and shorter lead times
  • Added value services such as delivery of preconditioned systems—ready to pack and ship
  • Customer specific, GDP compliant warehouse space +2°C to +8°C, and +15°C to +25°C
  • Supply of comprehensive logistic solutions, tailor-made for today’s complex transport demands
  • Supply chain management


We are partnered with Aeris Dynamics in Singapore, a leading provider of temperature controlled packaging solutions in the region. By working together we can combine our expert knowledge with their experience of the Asian market to offer solutions that meet customer needs. Aeris have headquarters in Singapore and facilities in:
  • China ( Shanghai, Bejing and Guangzhou)
  • India ( Mumbai)
  • South Korea ( Geyeonggi-do)


We are partnered with Corena in Turkey, a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler who specialise in the provision of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

By working together we can combine our knowledge with their experience of the Turkish market to offer solutions that meet local customer needs. Corena have their headquarters in Ankara.

Eastern Europe & Middle East

We are partnered with Tardigrad in Ukraine, a global distributor of temperature controlled packaging for time and temperature sensitive products. They service: The Ukraine, The Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Cyprus, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia & Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Moldova & The Middle East.

For more information on our partnership with Tardigrad and the local services they can offer, visit:


We are partnered with MDG in Italy. MDG Ltd is a company specialized in the sale of products related to the cold chain in the hospital industry, pharmaceutical, food and industrial sectors of logistics.    
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