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Sonoco ThermoSafe provides a wide range of services as listed below. Please click on the respective areas of interest to learn more.

Solution Design, Testing, and Qualification
From design and thermal testing to compliance documentation and consulting, Sonoco ThermoSafe's ISC Labs provides a full range of services to develop industry leading, customized packaging solutions that safely protect and preserve the efficacy of your most valuable products. To learn more about our vast array of design and testing capabilities, Click here.

Pay-Per-Use & Reclamation
ThermoSafe offers a variety of parcel and bulk temperature controlled packaging solutions for purchase/reclaim or on a pay-per-use. To learn about which parcel and bulk solutions are available under our pay-per-use and reclamation programs, Click here .

Education & Training
To expand the knowledge of our customers and partners in the temperature assurance packaging realm, we are pleased to offer three initiatives: Leading Minds Seminar, TAP Certification and the Temperature Assurance Knowledge Series, because at Sonoco ThermoSafe, we believe Every Degree Matters. To find out more about our various Educational/Training opportunities, Click here.

A world leader in recycling, Sonoco Recycling collects more than 3.5 million tons of paper, plastic, metal and other materials annually. Today, we operate more than 40 recycling facilities globally and help more than 15,000 retailers, manufacturers and communities save money, save resources and create clean, renewable energy. To learn more about our recycling capabilities, Click here.

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