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Introducing our TAP Webinar Series!

Sonoco ThermoSafe's Temperature Assurance Knowledge Series (TAP webinars) are focused on training and educating end-user companies, distributors and wholesalers globally that ship temperature-sensitive products. Please feel free to register for any of the below webinars to join.

Understanding GDP Regulations
Ensuring Compliance
February 13, 2018
Tuesday @ 11am (EST)
Amy Shortman, ASC Associates
Henry Moran, ASC Associates
Geoff Glauser, BARDA
When was the last time you brushed up on your global regulation and GDP understanding? A lot has changed over the past few years and change seems to be the one constant. Join us to gain a better understanding of regulatory requirements and how you can address them to ensure compliance.
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Phase Change Materials
What are they, and how can they change your business?
Chris Anderson, Cardinal Health
Iftekhar Ahmed, Sonoco ThermoSafe

What are PCM's? What makes them special? Should you be using them while packaging your products? Join us to gain an in depth understanding of how PCM's work, what they are made of, when they should be used, and how they can benefit your needs for temperature controlled packaging. Plus, hear from brands that use PCM's and why they are important.
Webinar Completed

Insulation Materials
Considerations and trade-offs
Geoff Glauser, Biomedical Advancement Research Development Authority 
Frank Butch, Sonoco ThermoSafe
Do you find it difficult to determine which insulation material to choose when distributing your temperature sensitive products? Join us to better understand the considerations - and the trade-offs - you should weigh before finalizing your decision. We'll review EPS, PUR, VIP and other materials in various formats and combinations.
Webinar Completed

Ambient Temperature Profiles
Exploring the elements
Bernard McGarvey, Eli Lilly & Co.
Iftekhar Ahmed, Sonoco ThermoSafe
What are the elements of an effective ambient temperature profile for the design and development of a temperature controlled solution? Gain a better understanding of how a chosen ambient temperature profile affects the design of your package. Join us as we explore standard ambient profiles, vendor and published profiles and how others even develop their own profiles using empirical temperature data and distribution steps.
Webinar Completed

2-8°C Solutions
Design variables and constraints
Frank Butch, Sonoco ThermoSafe
Have you ever wondered why 2-8°C solutions vary so much across providers? Join us to learn more about the impact of design variables and their constraits, plus why they influence the design so much.
Webinar Completed

Active vs. Passive Solutions
Which one is for me?
Ben VanderPlas, Sonoco ThermoSafe
When should an active solution be used for your temperature controlled packaging? When should a passive solution be used? Gain a better understanding of both solutions and how each best fits a given distribution lane.
Webinar Completed

Single-Use vs. Reusable Packaging
Providing value for your product
Chris Anderson, Cardinal Health
Vishal Khushalani, Sonoco ThermoSafe
How do you determine when to use a single-use package versus a reusable shipping container? Join us to better understand the impact of shipment lanes, freight considerations and lost package/components on your decision. We'll review the considerations you should think about when deciding which solution provides the most value for your product.
Webinar Completed

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