Better Biopharma Air Transport: the Pegasus ULD

Give pharmaceutical and life science products wings.
Transport medications, vaccines and other biopharma products around the world safely and cost-effectively with the Pegasus ULD – the first passive unit load device (ULD) certified by the FAA & EASA



Pegasus ULD is an aircraft-friendly, passive temperature-controlled container. No electrical or mechanical operation required.


Onboard telemetry transmits and records data door-to-door, on the ground and in the air. Get real-time temperatures, location, door opening and more


Pegasus ULDs can be used multiple times and are 90% recyclable. Engineered composite materials resist damage while reducing weight

LIVE EVENT: The First Passive Aircraft-Certified ULD for Pharma Global Webinar Series

ENGLISH: September 28th (10amEST) (4pmCET) (6pmGST)


DEUTSCH: September 30th (10amGMT) (11amCET)


MEA/APAC: October 5th (12pmGST) (2pmSGT/CST/HGT) (3pmJST/KST) (4pmAEST) (Spoken in English)


Hear from experts on the Pegasus ULD and bring your questions

This webinar covers:
– Airline industry shifts that strain cargo-handling and add pressure to choose the right packaging
– Logistics scenarios showing ow packaging choices change handling at sending sit and destination
– Telemetry benefits for shipment status as well as post-shipment compliance, partner audits, lane characterization and process improvement
– Sustainability impact of bulk air freight packaging choices, including total landed costs (TLC) of single use vs. rental