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Biodegradable EPS for Secure, Thermal Shipping

Feel Good About Your Meds

Feel Good About Your Meds Packaging: Biodegradable EPS for Secure, Thermal Shipping

We’re thrilled you’ve taken the first step towards a more sustainable world by scanning our QR code.

At ThermoSafe, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact on your life and the planet through our innovative packaging solutions. Biodegradable EPS is the latest and most exciting addition to our range of insulation choices for temperature sensitive shipments.

We believe in a future where small can make a big difference. By choosing ThermoSafe’s biodegradable EPS, you’re ensuring your medicines arrive with you safely and within temperature and you are also taking a positive step towards more responsible disposal of the packaging which is preserving the integrity of your meds.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, we can make the world a better place, one responsible choice at a time. Start exploring and be a part of our commitment to a brighter future!

Learn about the eco-conscious disposal routes open to you with this new type of insulation found in Biodegradable EPS.

Option 1 – Recyclability

Recycling: preserving resources, reducing waste, and sustaining our planet

Did you know?

The material you are holding is recyclable – YES! Recycling EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), the material that has revolutionized the thermal packaging industry, is not only possible but also essential for a more sustainable future.

You can actively contribute to resource preservation by participating in EPS recycling programs. Many recycling centers and facilities accept EPS, so check with your local recycling services or nearby drop-off locations. EPS can be recycled into various new products, reducing waste and conserving resources. By recycling EPS, you’re diverting this versatile material from landfills and helping to reduce waste. It’s a small effort that goes a long way in promoting a circular economy and a healthier planet. Join us in our commitment to take on responsible packaging disposal practices by embracing EPS recycling today!

Don’t know where to start?
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Option 2 – Biodegradability

Biodegradability: biodegradable EPS opens up an alternative disposal choice when recycling isn’t available to you

What’s the difference?

Most discarded plastics, like traditional EPS that’s not recycled ends up in landfill where it will remain indefinitely. However, naturally occurring microorganisms found in these landfills can actually break down biodegradable EPS material thanks to the unique chemistry of this insulation material. They combine with the material and break It down by more than 90% in under 4 years.*

What’s biodegradability?

Biodegradability is the ability of materials to be broken down naturally by microorganisms over time. In the context of waste management and landfills, biodegradability** refers to the capacity of waste materials to be decomposed by biological processes into simpler substances, such as water, carbon dioxide, and biomass.