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ThermoSafe is a reliable pandemic partner

So many factors come into play when trying to ship valuable patient medicines and pharmaceutical supplies around the globe.  Labor shortages, airline capacity crunches, increasing fuel prices, raw material low availability and global economy inflation across all sectors continue to plague the industry.

As the world’s largest temperature assurance packaging company for pharmaceuticals, Sonoco ThermoSafe supports our customers every step of the way.

With 30 locations and operations in Americas. Europe and Asia, ThermoSafe is where you need us most. We’re backed by the financial strength and global network of Sonoco, with 335+ plants in 33 countries, enabling us to continue supply of vital packaging needed to ship temperature sensitive healthcare products around the globe.

  • We have pre-tested parcel solutions that are ideal for this purpose – temperature ranges vary and include
    < -70C, < -60C, < -40C, < -20C
  • We have a range of bulk shipping solutions, optimised for air freight, that are ideal for the distribution of Covid-19 treatments, therapies and vaccines
  • We’ve pre-tested the solutions so they can be quickly introduced into your supply chain and provide the reassurance they will offer unrivalled levels of performance.

And if it these don’t quite fit your requirements, we can quickly scale other packaging solutions to support your business.

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