Trucking: A Vital Transportation Mode in Every Supply Chain

An interview with Jeff Tucker, CEO, Tucker Company Worldwide

At the recent HPCLC conference, Jeff Tucker presented alongside Andrew Boyle, sharing eye-opening statistics about the transportation industry. While conferences often focus on ocean and air freight, Jeff highlighted the critical importance of road freight, which accounts for 80% of all domestic freight movement in the US. The rising percentage of pharmaceutical shipments via road freight underscores the industry’s shift towards more cost-effective shipping solutions.

Jeff Tucker, the third CEO of Tucker Company Worldwide, leads a company founded by his grandfather in 1961. With 63 years of industry experience behind them, Jeff has spent 33 years in the business, bringing extensive knowledge and leadership to the role. Under his guidance, Tucker Trucking has expanded into new verticals, including life sciences, which is becoming increasingly significant in their operations.

Watch the full video to learn:

Role of Road Freight: Emphasized the importance of road freight, which moves 80% of all domestic freight in the US. The pharmaceutical sector’s increasing reliance on road freight for cost-effective shipping solutions.

Compliance and Fraud: Discussed the impact of pharmaceutical shipments on compliance, particularly in subcontracting. Highlighted the need for a new bipartisan bill to address fraud in transportation, proposing civil penalties for fraudulent activities such as falsely obtaining broker licenses.

Driver Shortage Myths: Addressed misconceptions about driver shortages, clarifying that shortages are primarily in specialized niches like Hazmat goods.

Freight Rates During the Pandemic: Explained that the increase in freight rates during the pandemic was due to supply and demand dynamics rather than higher volumes.

Market Dynamics: Noted that less than 50% of drivers work for small fleet sizes (1-100 trucks), and the market share of the largest carriers is at a historical low.


Sustainability in Trucking: Discussed the reduction of emissions from semi-trucks since 1980 and the evolution of technology. Encouraged using SmartWay Carriers to improve sustainability in freight transportation.

Future Emissions Reporting: Announced Tucker Co’s initiative to provide emissions reports to customers starting in early 2025, as part of their NetZero commitment.

EPA Emissions Mandates: Addressed the challenges of new EPA emissions mandates for electric trucks and the importance of national standards over state-specific regulations to maintain interstate commerce.

Industry Engagement: Shared insights on his involvement in various industry initiatives outside of Tucker Trucking, emphasizing the importance of balancing asset-based and non-asset-based carriers and awarding business based on performance.

Election Year Uncertainty: Highlighted the potential impact of upcoming elections on industry regulations and mandates, suggesting a wait-and-see approach.


As third-generation owner, Jeff leads Tucker Company Worldwide, the nation’s oldest privately held freight brokerage.  Jeff’s leadership positions include: Past Board Chair, Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA); Past Committee Chair, TIA’s “Carrier Selection Framework” which provides guidance on selection of safe motor carriers; current board member and Chair of the National Industrial Transportation League’s Highway Transportation Committee; current Co-Chair of the Health & Personal Care Logistics Council’s Service Provider Council; current Co-Chair of the Bio Supply Management Alliance’s Transportation and Logistics Committee.

Jeff has testified before Congress on truck safety matters and was named by a USDOT FMCSA Administrator to the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee’s subcommittee on highway safety. He is a “Sentinel” for a think tank advising national emergency preparedness officials and has consulted with national security officials on freight security.


Specializing in project cargo since 1961, Tucker Company Worldwide is the oldest privately held freight brokerage in North America coordinating critical freight, like temperature-controlled, oversized, and high-value, high-security shipments. Freight security and quality processes and procedures are at the center of the business, evident by its ISO 9001:2015 certification and underlined by its meticulous approach to carrier selection. Learn more about the Tucker difference at