MEA/APAC LIVE EVENT: Industry’s First Passive Aircraft Certified ULD for Pharmaceutical Air Freight – Pegasus ULD

This event was held October 5th 2021.[10amGST] [2pmSGT/CST/HGT] [3pmJST/KST] [4pmAEST] . Spoken in English.

The webinar focused on:
• How the airline industry has shifted, putting strain on cargo handling procedures and pressure to make the right packaging choices
• Introducing the Pegasus ULD – industry’s first Passive + ULD
• Examining different logistics scenarios to demonstrate how the choice of packaging changes shipment handling processes at sending site and destination
• To use Telemetry not only for current shipment status, but post shipment compliance, audit of partners, lane characterization and process improvement
• Addressing how choice of bulk air freight packaging system impacts your corporate sustainability plans, including a TLC (Total Landed Costs) of single use vs. rental


Director of Business Development Bulk Rental EMEA & APAC at Sonoco Thermosafe, since February 2021. Previous Federico, was 15 years at DHL Global Forwarding covering Business Development EMEA & APAC, at Temperature Management Solution division. Founding team member at LifeConEx-DHL Joint Venture. Started his career 1987 at Lufthansa Cargo in Buenos Aires, later Philadelphia, in several Sales and Operation functions.
Federico has more than 30 years of experience in international logistics and has been over 25 years involved with Life Sciences Cold chain special logistics. IATA International trainer for Time & Sensitive Cargo since 2011. Speaker at international cold chain conferences in US, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific as Latin America in the last 10 years. Federico attended Veterinary School of Medicine at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, where he earned a master’s degree.
Lily Foo is Sales Manager for ThermoSafe Brands Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore. I’ve been working in the MNC Industrial Packaging industry for 16 years prior joining Thermosafe. I’m with ThermoSafe Singapore for almost 12 years since January 2009. I’m overseeing the APAC business market for the cold-chain packaging serving the pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Bio-medical industry. Mainly serving customers situated in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Australia, China, Taiwan and India.