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Minimize Environmental Impact with a 2 to 8°C ISTA 7E Thermal Performance Packaging

    Product Highlights
    • Curbside recyclable product not only offers a high level of insulating value but also a soft cushioning to help protect products.
    • The entire knock-down package can be placed into the recycle bin making it very easy to dispose of by the customer as ordinary recyclable trash.
    Available in a Range of Sizes
    • Small (2 liter payload)
    • Medium (5 liter payload)
    • Large (10 liter payload)
    • Extra Large (25 liter payload)

Product Videos

EOS® Curbside Recyclable Product

Part Number Payload Capacity [Liter]Temperature RangeDurationPayload ID [mm]Outer Dim. [mm]
EOS10RW 102°C to 8°C72 Hours305203.00152394292372
EOS25RW 252°C to 8°C72 Hours406305203.00495394384
EOS5RW 52°C to 8°C72 Hours203.00152152289238410
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