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Product Highlights

  • Temperature Range: 2-8°C
  • Duration(s): 3-Day, 5-Day & 6-Day
  • Payload Size(s): 4L, 5L, 8L, 10L, 16L, 20L, 32L, 40L Payloads
  • Pre-qualified range of 2°C to 8°C reusable shipping systems
  • ChillTech shippers utilise the same pack-out configuration across seasons, durations and payloads
  • Simply change the outer insulated shipper to switch shipment duration from 48 hours to 72 hours to 144 hours
  • All systems available with our patented ZERO Bench-Time® technology option
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Part Number Product Sub-CategoryPayload Capacity [Liter]Temperature RangeDurationDimensional Weight [lb]MaterialPayload ID [in]Outer Dim. [in]
CHCM10 Compact10.32°C to 8°C5-Day15.3VIP8.788.788.1913.7813.4313.7
CHCM16Z Compact + ZBT15.62°C to 8°C5-Day24.1VIP15.988.117.3221.4213.6613.7
CHCM20 Compact19.62°C to 8°C5-Day24.1VIP16.658.788.1921.4213.6613.7
CHCM32Z Compact + ZBT32.32°C to 8°C5-Day38VIP15.988.1115.221.4213.6621.57
CHCM40 Compact38.52°C to 8°C5-Day38VIP16.658.7816.0621.4213.6621.57
CHCM4Z Compact + ZBT3.62°C to 8°C5-Day10.9VIP8.118.113.3913.7813.439.76
CHCM5 Compact5.42°C to 8°C5-Day10.9VIP8.788.784.2513.7813.439.76
CHCM8Z Compact + ZBT7.92°C to 8°C5-Day15.3VIP8.118.117.3213.7813.4313.7
CHG10 Global10.32°C to 8°C6-Day23EPS & VIP8.788.789.1915.6715.5915.67
CHG16Z Global + ZBT15.62°C to 8°C6-Day34.7EPS & VIP15.988.117.3223.5815.5915.67
CHG20 Global19.62°C to 8°C6-Day34.7EPS & VIP16.658.788.1923.5815.5915.67
CHG32Z Global + ZBT32.32°C to 8°C6-Day52.1EPS & VIP15.988.1115.223.5815.5923.54
CHG40 Global38.52°C to 8°C6-Day52.1EPS & VIP16.658.7816.0623.5815.5923.54
CHG4Z Global + ZBT3.62°C to 8°C6-Day17.3EPS & VIP8.118.113.3915.6715.5911.73
CHG5 Global5.42°C to 8°C6-Day17.3EPS & VIP8.788.784.2515.6715.5911.73
CHG8Z Global + ZBT7.92°C to 8°C6-Day23EPS & VIP8.118.117.3215.6715.5915.67
CHR10 Regional10.32°C to 8°C3-Day23EPS8.788.788.1915.6715.5915.67
CHR16Z Regional + ZBT15.62°C to 8°C3-Day34.7EPS15.988.117.3223.5815.5915.67
CHR20 Regional19.62°C to 8°C3-Day34.7EPS16.658.788.1923.5815.5915.67
CHR32Z Regional + ZBT32.22°C to 8°C3-Day52.1EPS15.988.1115.223.5815.5923.54
CHR40 Regional38.52°C to 8°C3-Day52.1EPS16.658.7816.0623.5815.5923.54
CHR4Z Regional + ZBT3.62°C to 8°C3-Day17.3EPS8.118.113.3915.6715.5911.73
CHR5 Regional5.42°C to 8°C3-Day17.3EPS8.788.784.2515.6715.5911.73
CHR8Z Regional + ZBT7.92°C to 8°C3-Day23EPS8.118.117.3215.6715.5915.67
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