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Thermal & Distribution Testing

Thermal Testing

Thermal testing is performed in ISC Labs state-of-the-art thermal test chambers located in greater metropolitan Philadelphia, PA and Chicago, IL facilities. ISC Labs provides optimized and elegant temperature assurance solutions and is a valued strategic partner of their clients.

  • Most extensive testing capabilities in the industry.
  • 18 walk-in thermal test chambers capable of maintaining temperatures between -30°C to 60°C with humidity up to 90%. Each chamber is capable of holding up to four standard pallets.
  • Comprehensive industry guided test reports that conform to FDA, USDA, and HACCP guidelines.
  • Testing procedures and reports conform to cGMP and EU standards.
  • ISTA certified lab following a cGMP based methodology, conforming to PDA technical report 39 and ASTM standards.
  • Data acquisition equipment calibrated to NIST traceable standards to ensure data integrity.
  • Continuous improvement employed to keep up with standards. Regular customer audits used to improve the system.

Distribution Testing

  • ISTA Procedures: 1 series, 2 series, 3A, 3E, 3F. ASTM, UN/IATA, and other procedures are available upon request
  • ASTM Procedures: D4169 and most common
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