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Reusable, simple packing configurations feature Zero Bench-Time® tech which reduces operational complexity and total cost

  • 2-8°C | 15-25°C
  • 2-Day to 4-Day
  • 3.2L - 11.5L Payloads

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Via Blood Transport

Durable yet ergonomic solution for the transport and temporary storage of packed red blood cells, platelets, specimens, and organs

  • Storage: 1-6°C for 8 hours
  • Transport: 1-10°C for min. 12 hours
  • Capacity: 3-7 Blood bags (250 ml each)

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Durable, simple, and effective reusable solutions for 2-8°C, 20-25°C, and <-18°C

  • 2-8°C | 15-30°C | <-15°C
  • 1-Day to 5+ Days
  • 1.4L - 20L Payloads

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