EOS launched

We launched EOS, our range of curbside recyclable temperature controlled parcel shippers.  Click here to find out more about EOS


Orion launched

We launched Orion, our parcel box rental service. A self-service online portal for everything from ordering to accessing reports, integrated technology to give peace of mind, & superior thermal protection to eliminate excursions.  Click here to learn more



Pegasus receives FAA approval

The Pegasus ULD® is the world’s first passive bulk temperature-controlled container for pharmaceutical use that is an FAA-approved unit load device.  Click here to read more


ChillTech launched

We launched ChillTech, our range of pre-qualified systems using PCM to provide exceptional temperature control.  Click here to find out more about ChillTech

Certis Platform launched

We launched our Certis Platform, a range of products making it easy for users to switch between refrigerated, CRT & frozen solutions, lowering total cost of ownership.  Click here to learn more about the Certis products

Laminar Medica acquired

We acquired Laminar Medica, significantly expanding our global presence and providing our customers with local access to the widest range of parcel and pallet solutions

PharmaPort 360 acquired

We acquired the PharmaPort 360 from AAR & entered the active temperature-controlled cargo containers market

TAP certification program

We launched the industry’s first Temperature Assurance Packaging (TAP) certification program. Over the years hundreds of participants have been through both our beginers fundamentals course, and more advanced professional course.  Click here to learn more

ISCSilver® & ISCGold® testing profiles developed

With a lack of an industry standard for the development of ambient temperature profiles, we used our detailed knowledge and understanding of the distribution environments to develop two profiles that are suited to most applications.  Click here to read more about our testing services

Parcel shipper re-use program

We launched the industry’s first return & re-use program for parcel shippers. Our Greenbox reuse service resulted in a decreased the total cost of ownership for users.  Click here to learn more

Computerized product development

We first began software to assist in our product development programs

Pre-qualified range of shippers

We launched our Nomadic range, the industry’s first pre-qualified range of solutions for shipping pharmaceuticals and clinical trial products around the world.  Click here to find out more about all of our pre-qualified solutions

2nd ISC Labs opened in Pennsylvania

Following the success of our first Lab in Arizona, we opened a 2nd ISC Labs in Pennsylvania.  Click here to read more about our ISC Labs

Roto-molded Durable containers

We began manufacture of our range of roto-molded durable containers, ideal for bulk shipping and temporary storage of products. A range of styles in different sizes, suitable for dry ice & industrial use, food & perishables and life science & healthcare products.  Click here to find our more about our durable containers

Pallet shipper re-use program

We introduced the first return re-use pallet shipper program

Pallet shipper range launched

We manufactured our first range of pallet shippers, designed to ship bulk quantities of temperature sensitive product.  Click here to find out more about our pallet solutions

Sonoco ThermoSafe opened ISC Labs in Arizona

This was the first lab dedicated to temperature controlled packaging design, with thermal testing services & product development software.  Click here to read more about our ISC Labs