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Starting a leasing or rental model for your global supply chain has never been easier with our global teams and partners ready to fly

Qualification and Cold Chain Services

Whether you are an experienced organization with air freight container rentals or new to this type of technology, we have a team available to make this process easy for you. Our laboratory team has data and test results to support your process. For support with Qualification, please contact us here.

It’s a Collaboration!

Stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain rely on each other to ensure on-time, on-temperature shipments.

Life Science and Healthcare organizations need a knowledgeable freight forwarder, with access to the right airlines for their supply lanes.

Reach out to your freight forwarding partner today. Tell them Pegasus ULD is on the move!

Exporters/Manufactures/Suppliers can contact our Product Specialist or an Account Manager at Sonoco for assistance or contact our Pegasus team.

How to access the Pegasus ULD fleet

  • Master Lease Agreement (MLA) holders can either contact their H/Q for guidance, or login to ThermoSafe Connect directly to submit a Lease Request
  • Non MLA holders can contact a Sonoco ThermoSafe representative for assistance, or complete this form

For Master Lease Agreement, and Pegasus ULD uplift approval

  • Airlines, Freight Forwarders, Integrators, or other, can establish a Master Lease Agreement (MLA) by contacting a Sonoco ThermoSafe representative for assistance, or by completing this form
  • Pegasus ULD documentation, and authorisation from FAA/EASA to process uplift approval on aircrafts, can be obtained by contacting Partner Management at Sonoco ThermoSafe using this link

How Can You Leverage the Power of Data?

The Pegasus ULD® container is equipped with an integrated telemetry system that provides critical real-time data on multiple parameters, including real-time location, temperature, shock, vibration and door opening. Hook up to ThermoSafe Connect, the cloud-based portal, to make your job easier.

Talk to us today to learn how you can leverage smart packaging.

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